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Aster Safety App

Introducing Aster, your personal safety companion. With just a button press, Aster offers peace of mind. Instantly connect with your chosen contacts and/or emergency services, sharing your live GPS location and vital details. Aster accompanies you everywhere, from new places, distressing situations to going about your day, always ensuring help is accessible. You are never alone with Aster.

What To Look For

In a Medical Alert Device
  • Affordable Price The cost of assisted living or in-home care can be high, and "budget-friendly" medical alert system alternatives sacrifice quality for cheap service. Medical Guardian offers more freedom for less money with no hidden fees, and no long-term contracts at the highest quality.
  • USA Based Monitoring Centers Monitoring centers are the heart of any medical alert system. At Medical Guardian, our 24/7 monitoring center is located within the United States and certified by the highest set of standards and staffed by trained emergency professionals.
  • Customer Service Purchasing a medical alert device is only the beginning of the relationship. For a stress-free experience, select a provider who will be by your side long after the sale is finalized. Medical Guardian's in-house Customer Care Team is dedicated to providing convenient, attentive help whenever you may need assistance.
  • Easy Installation At-home medical alert systems require installation, and not every company is prepared to help. Medical Guardian's products come with step-by-step instructions and our Customer Care Team is happy to help you set up your system should you need it. We also provide easy-to-follow video tutorials to help you with self-installation.
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24/7 Protection

Every year, 1 in 4 seniors will suffer a fall. It’s not a matter of if a fall will occur, but when. And when it does, the first hour after the event is so crucial it’s called The Golden Hour. Without timely medical attention, seniors may suffer dire consequences.

LogicMark’s devices provide 24/7 emergency coverage for any situation (whether it’s a fall, stroke, heart attack, or any other emergency). It’s no wonder we’re trusted by over 500,000 people, including America’s veterans. Just push one button to immediately connect with a caregiver or 911 (depending on your device type and/or how you set up your contacts).

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Quick & Easy Installation

To use any of our devices, charge it fully before using. Once charged, press and hold the power button turns on. You may be prompted to go through various screens, depending on your device model. Our devices incorporate a battery supervision feature that checks its status every 24 hours, ensuring it remains ready for use. If you encounter any issues during setup, feel free to contact our support team at 1(800) 519-2419 for troubleshooting assistance.
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FREE Care Village App

It’s not always easy to know how best to help our loved ones. We want to be there for them, but how exactly do we do that? When they’re in a difficult situation, they need even more than a medical alert system. They need a village of love and support — a place where they can find comfort in knowing they’re not alone.

That’s where Care Village comes in. This FREE app offers a suite of connected care services, providing life-saving features and a community of care and support.

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Medical Alert Devices

Stay safe 24/7 anywhere you go, around town or at home.


Medical Alert Devices

Stay safe 24/7 where you spend the most time. Easy to use & affordable.

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Medical Alert Safety App

Turn your smartphone into a personal safety device with this 24/7 monitoring app that’s the ultimate resource for keeping you safe.


Bluetooth Button

Pair it with the Aster app to maximize ease of use and convenience. Click one button to call emergency services.

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