Our Story

Our Work Is As Personal As It Gets

We all have a story

Each of us that works at Logicmark has our own story of how we became a caregiver in a moment of uncertainty, or a time of struggle.

We use what we know in our hearts and what we’ve learned from our personal experience to build the best, most innovative safety devices.

“It’s time for innovation in the care economy, allowing caregivers to confidently care for those they love, while helping them to continue to live independently.”
Chia-Lin Simmons
CEO of LogicMark
Our Ethos

To protect the personal experience of living life to the fullest


The personal security device industry stalled decades ago with a one-function solution. Our customers want and need autonomy and flexibility, so that drives everything we design. The bonus: we also give ourselves freedom to solve problems in unconventional, unexpectedly creative ways.


Everything we create is absolutely intuitive and elegantly simple. Our technology removes user hesitation and fears, and is designed to accommodate different stages in life. Plus we also design with cost and value in mind, making sure that affordability isn’t a barrier as well.


We respect our customers deeply, and are devoted to protecting everyone’s right to dignity and sovereignty over their own lives. For all who use our products: we’re here to make life better. When there’s any way we can create a new path forward to make things easier, safer or smarter, we step up and make it happen.


Peace of mind about a loved one’s safety is table stakes. We are acutely aware of the possible risks that a person might face, and integrate failsafe after failsafe, from dependability in emergency situations to a peace-of-mind backup to ultra-secure data protections.


Our innovative thinking goes beyond solving the problems at hand. We’re thinking about radically different ways to circumvent challenges entirely, using technology to bridge gaps, build communities, and be a natural part of people’s lives, long before they need us.

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