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Providing Independent Living Through Two-Way Voice

Founded in 2006, LogicMark has revolutionized the personal emergency response system (PERS) industry by incorporating patented two-way voice communication technology directly in the medical alert pendant. With a focus on innovation, LogicMark provides a unique offering of medical alert systems that contribute to improving the quality of life for those choosing to continue to live independently.

Featured Products

  • CaretakerSentry


    The CaretakerSentry provides a complete platform for dealers to offer their customers. The standard CaretakerSentry kit comes with a waterproof pendant that is fully supervised and has a 5 year battery.

    The CaretakerSentry is also now available with two-way voice built directly into the pendant!

    Additional accessories include the emergency wall communicator which protects the home’s most vulnerable locations (also features two-way voice communication with the central station.)

    The unit will communicate with the central station via POTS, VoIP and an optional cellular accessory for those customers that don’t have a landline.

    The most flexible monitored solution.
  • SentryPal

    Connected to Care – Everywhere

    The SentryPal is for the user on the go. Coverage is nationwide. Communicate directly through the two-way voice, water-resistant pendant. The pendant is small and lightweight.

    The SentryPal is excellent for individuals that are aging in place, mobile health, tele-health, lone worker protection, child safety & protection, first responders, law enforcement and many others.

    The cellular solution that goes anywhere you do!
  • FreedomAlert

    enjoy the freedom to live independently – and with no monthly fees!

    FreedomAlert is the world’s first programmable two-way voice pendant communicator with no monthly fees. Personal security has never been so small or affordable. The FreedomAlert can be programmed to call family, friends, or neighbors, at anytime from anywhere in the home and into the surrounding yard. If the programmed contacts are unreachable – the system can default to call an emergency 911 operator.

    The FreedomAlert has the ability to be programmed with up to four (4) contacts to call anytime. The system can be customized with the three position switch on the back of the base unit to select one of three modes. A power outlet and an active landline are all that is needed for the unit to operate. The medical pendant is powered by a lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 6 months on a single charge.

    With our 911 Forwarding feature, a friend or family member can simply dial 911 from their phone while still on the line. The unit will then automatically hang up and dial emergency services.
    Calls Friends & Family (up to 4 numbers) and/or 911
  • Guardian Alert

    No Monitoring Fees, Services Charges, or Contracts Ever.

    The Guardian Alert is the world’s first personal emergency response system (PERS) that contains two-way voice communication in the pendant. By pressing a single button, the Guardian Alert automatically dials local emergency 911 dispatch. The user will be able to communicate directly to the emergency operator through the pendant.

    There are no monthly fees associated with the Guardian Alert. Once the unit is plugged into a power outlet and an active landline it is ready to use. The medical pendant operates off of a battery for up to one year of stand-by time. The medical pendant has extended range allowing coverage in the home and into the surrounding yard.

    Calls 911 directly.

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  • “Don’t know what I would do without the ‘Freedom’ that I feel with my FreedomAlert.”
    Kay S. Summerfield, FL
  • “My mother has various disabilities and can get around only by a walker.  This device gives us peace of mind when she visits us.  Thanks.”
    Cindy T. Rolla, MO
  • “No Monthly Fees – Yahoo !”
    A.L. Arnold, PA
  • “Mother has a very large yard in which she spends a lot of time.  The range on this FreedomAlert is incredible.  It works from in the yard nicely.”
    Betty P. Trenton, KY
  • “This FreedomAlert keeps mom independent while giving us kids peace of mind.  Good design.  Instructions are   clear.  Ready to go right from the box.”
    David D. Tiffin, OH

Safety & Security For Independent Living

LogicMark’s medical alert systems empower people to extend the time they live independently in their home.

Monitored & Non-Monitored Solutions

LogicMark is the only medical alert systems provider that gives you the choice of professionally monitored solutions, systems where your friends and family answer your call, or 911 operators with no monthly fees.

Communicate Directly Through Pendants

Every emergency call should be a two-way conversation. LogicMark two-way voice pendants and Emergency Wall Communicators make a real conversation just the touch of a button away whether you’re in your home or yard.