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The Freedom To Breathe Easy

Where are you on your care journey?

Elders need confidence to remain independent. Families and individuals can enjoy their freedom. It’s your right to feel safe.

Answer a few questions to see which device is the perfect fit for you or someone you love.

  • Guardian Alert 911

    NO Monthly Fees
    Speak directly with emergency operators from a detachable, two-way voice pendant.
  • Freedom Alert

    NO Monthly Fees
    Communicate directly with friends, family, or professional caregivers at the touch of a button during an emergency from this landline-based device.
In-Home Medical Alert Devices

Aging-in-place support

55% of fall injuries among older people happen within their own home—and another 23% happen outside but near their home. With a reliable personal emergency response system (PERS), support after a fall for a homebound individual is as easy as pushing a button.

Mobile Medical Alert Devices

Out-and-about security for active people

Let kids go where they want to go. Help people feel safe on a first date. Enable seniors to do what they want to do. Give every member of your family confidence with the constant connectivity of LogicMark mobile solutions.

  • Guardian Alert 911 Plus

    NO Monthly Fees
    Connect directly with 911 operators in the event of an emergency at home or on-the-go with trusted 4G LTE technology.
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