LogicMark replaces stress and worry with knowledge and connectivity

When it comes to devices that notify the authorities, first responders or even family, we generally consider the elderly as the prime audience of people who might benefit from a personal emergency response system. 

But did you know that these devices offer considerable benefits for children and young adults, too?

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there were 12,300 forcible sex offenses on college campuses, which constituted 43 percent of all criminal incidents nationwide, in 2018.   

Each of these crimes is avoidable. As a matter of fact, LogicMark’s technology helps you keep an eye on the condition and location of loved ones, both young and old. Imagine if you could not only know where your children are, but also have the ability to be in touch with them directly without relying on an expensive mobile phone or other device.  

Much of the national conversation centers around protecting children from technology, but we can also use technology to protect our children and young adults from real-world issues, too. There are companies at the forefront of protecting the personal experience of living life to the fullest.  

LogicMark replaces stress and worry with knowledge and connectivity. Innovative technologies built into wearable personal safety devices, personal safety alarms and other powerful tools for parental caregiving headline our premier line of personal safety and security products.  

Whether it’s concern for an elder parent who may or may not be protecting themselves properly, wanting to give a child safe ways to explore the world around them or both, our reliable technology analyzes patterns, anticipates needs and protects data privacy. Our technology offers caregivers room to breathe plus priceless peace of mind, whether you’re 8 or 80. 

We stand for security.  

Peace of mind about a loved one’s safety is table stakes. We are acutely aware of the possible risks that a person might face, and integrate failsafe after failsafe, from dependability in emergency situations to a peace-of-mind backup to ultra-secure data protections. 

We live and breathe daring. 

Our innovative thinking goes beyond solving the problems at hand. We’re thinking about radically different ways to circumvent some challenges entirely, using technology to bridge gaps, build communities, and be a natural part of people’s lives, long before they need us. 

LogicMark offers solutions for Every Person that Needs and Gives Care. 

Technology is in our DNA. 

Our products travel seamlessly alongside you, from your first time walking home alone from school, to your first day at college, to a retirement hiking trip through the Appalachian Mountains, to safely aging in place.  

LogicMark is committed to providing security and support every step of the way, connecting individuals with the people and services who care for them, and protecting each one’s ability to live life to the fullest. 

Half a million customers safeguarded. 

Over the past 15 years, we’ve earned our customers’ trust by always connecting them to the help they need. With each of our 500,000 devices sold to date, we provide best-in-class customer support and data security. We earn our customers’ trust in tiny increments.    

Like when a parent checks their app and sees that their kid got home from school ok. Or when an older adult confidently walks to the grocery store alone, because they know that help is on hand if needed. Whether our devices allow someone to confidently take on an adventure, predict an unpredictable situation or simply get safely to her car, our greatest pride is how our devices give people the freedom to enjoy their journeys. 

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