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Women in Tech: Advice for Female Innovators

A young woman sits at a computer and does programming.

Innovations in the technology landscape are often celebrated for their groundbreaking nature, but the people behind these advancements aren’t always equally recognized. 

Although the big developments in tech, like the first computer, the iPod, or even the microchip, are attributed exclusively to male contributors, the narrative is slowly starting to change. 

Women constitute 32% of the workforce in tech today, and while there’s still a gap to bridge, this figure marks a period of gradual but promising change. 

More and more women are emerging as influential figures in technology, driving innovation and reshaping the industry’s future. 

This article celebrates this progress, offering insights and advice for aspiring female innovators. 

We also highlight a groundbreaking app named Aster (from LogicMark), a testament to contributions women are making in tech, particularly in enhancing personal safety for all.

A Closer Look at the Current State of the Tech Industry 

Reflecting on the past two decades, it’s clear that the representation of women in tech has seen its ups and downs. This is where it stands today:

  • Currently, women occupy less than 20% of leadership roles within the tech sector.
  • The numbers slightly taper off for senior positions, with women holding 19% of senior tech VP roles and 15% of CEO titles.
  • At companies like Apple, women make up 34% of the workforce, yet only 24% are in technical roles.

But why is this the case? Tech is a predominantly male-dominated industry for several reasons. Here are just a few:

Stereotypes and biases

The perception that women are less technically adept is an outdated belief, yet it still persists. 

This could stem from long standing barriers to equal education and career opportunities in tech. 

Recognizing this is the first step toward dismantling these stereotypes and creating a more inclusive industry where female innovators are acknowledged and celebrated.

Pay gaps

Women typically earn less than men do in the tech industry. In fact, men are offered higher salaries than women for the same job title at the same tech company 59% of the time

Highlighting pay gaps isn’t just about fairness — it’s about valuing innovation and talent equally, regardless of gender. 

An awareness of this issue is crucial for making tech a more attractive and equitable field for women.

Lack of role models

While we’re growing up and developing future aspirations, we search for people we can look up to in the industries where we envision ourselves working. 

Due to the scarcity of women in leadership positions in tech, there are less role models for younger generations to look up to. 

However, celebrating and amplifying the successes of female innovators is key to encouraging more diverse participation in the industry.

Advice for Women Aspiring to Work in Tech

While it may seem overwhelming at first, embarking on a career in tech can be an exciting journey filled with opportunities for growth and innovation. 

Here’s our best advice for women who’d like to work in tech:

Count yourself in

It’s normal to feel outnumbered in environments where your presence is a rarity, but remember, your unique perspective is invaluable. 

Confidence in your skills and the recognition of your worth will always be your strongest allies. 

Embrace your seat at the table with the knowledge that you not only belong but are also a crucial voice in the conversation.

Learn to handle negative feedback

It might be difficult to hear sometimes, but feedback is a goldmine for personal and professional growth, especially in the dynamic tech landscape. 

Try to embrace constructive criticism with an open mind — it’s not a reflection of your worth but an opportunity to evolve. 

Let it fuel your ambition, not slow your progress or dampen your spirit to break new ground.

Don’t be afraid to speak up

Never underestimate the importance of your insights and ideas. If you’ve been hired into a tech team, it’s because you have something unique to offer. 

Speaking up might feel daunting, especially in challenging situations, but it’s a vital step in making meaningful contributions and creating a reputation for yourself. 

Remember, courage in your convictions can foster respect among team members and paves the way for others.

Choose a niche that means something to you

While the opportunities in tech are endless, finding your niche — the space where your passions and the industry’s needs intersect — can be deeply fulfilling. 

Aim to align your career with areas that resonate with you personally, this passion will guide you through challenges and keep you motivated.

How Women Are Using Their Experiences to Create Innovative Tech

Not only do women have unique experiences in the tech industry compared to men, but they also have lived experiences that enable them to create technology to tackle the real problems that women face.

Globally, more than 700 million women have experienced either physical or sexual violence (or both) at least once in their lives, according to the United Nations (UN)

This means one in every three women over the age of 15 have felt unsafe or been harmed at some point.

In the past 12 months, 16% of young women aged 15 to 24 experienced violence in some form from an intimate partner.

Let’s take a closer look at a tech innovation created by women for women that’s revolutionizing the world of personal safety.

Empowering Women and Keeping Them Safe

We have our smartphones with us 24/7, so what better device to use as a self-defense tool than your phone?

Aster is an iOS app that connects women to 911 and their loved ones when they’re in danger. 

It can do all this without you having to dial these numbers yourself. Instead, you’ll get help at the touch of a button.

The benefits of having a safety app like Aster in your pocket are endless, but here are our favorites:

Get help with one swipe

When Aster is installed on your phone, you’ll have a slider widget on your home screen. 

Activating this widget will connect you with 911 and alert your pre-saved emergency contacts that you need help.

You don’t need to be in danger to use it

Even if you’re not in a particularly dangerous situation — but you do feel nervous — Aster can help. 

With our “Hold Until Safe” button, you can press this for as long as you feel vulnerable or uncomfortable. Emergency services will be notified instantly if you release the button.

Share your exact location

Emergency operators and family members can access your exact location when you’re in a dangerous situation. This gets you help exactly where you need it.

Connect with loved ones

Aster isn’t only designed to give women peace of mind; it has been developed to provide your family and friends with comfort, too. 

Knowing you’re safe no matter where you are can help you and your loved ones feel at ease.

When you first download the app, you’ll be able to program your emergency contacts — we call them your followers — who will be alerted whenever Aster is triggered.

Shaping a Brighter Future for Women in Tech

While the journey for women in the tech industry has its challenges, the landscape is evolving more positively every day.

As female innovators continue to break barriers, innovate, and elevate their presence in tech, future generations are likely to see the gender gap as less of an obstacle. 

At Aster, we’re passionate about empowering women and helping them to feel safe. 

This is why we’re spearheading a groundbreaking app designed to protect women and provide them with complete peace of mind.

Download Aster from the App Store or visit our website to learn more about how we’re changing the world of personal safety for good.

Meet LogicMark’s CEO 

Aster’s founder and CEO, Chia-Lin Simmons, is the brains behind the Aster app. 

Named as one of the top 100 Under 50 by Diversity MBA and 27 Women In Tech You Need To Follow On Twitter by Huffington Post, Chia-Lin’s rise to success in tech is inspiring.

She studied communications at UC San Diego and graduated Magna cum Laude. She then completed her MBA through Cornell University, receiving a full scholarship as a Park Leadership Fellow, and later earned her JD at George Mason University.

Chia-Lin has worked for tech industry giants like Google, Audible, Harman, and Amazon prior to joining LogicMark.


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