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Everyone has a story

The 85-year-old who fell down behind a pile of snow and wondered if someone would find him. The real estate agent who loves their job, but hates the uncertainty of going into unfamiliar places every day. The student with a long, dark walk home—and nobody to walk alongside. 

We all have a story of concern, of near-misses, of shoulda-coulda hindsight. Sometimes it’s our own safety, where we question our confidence in some situations and spaces. Sometimes it’s wanting to protect someone we love. Especially among the one in four millennials and more than half of Gen Xers who are in charge of senior wellness in their families, assisting their loved ones. 

Our elders have stories too. Of being frustrated by their changing abilities, or wanting to maintain their independence, or resisting any suggestion that they need to live any differently than they want to.  

The collective story is: Nobody is moving forward with ease. Absent powerful tools for caregiving, caregivers are holding their breaths, hoping they can avoid a potential crisis. Elders know they need to be vigilant—after all, they were the caregivers once, too. Even young people who are looking to be their best. We’re all taking careful steps in an ever-changing world. 

And these stories are why LogicMark exists. 

We are an innovative company of technology and service experts in service of people who want to move forward with confidence and ease. It’s unbelievable to think that in our lifetime, we’ve created electric cars, all-new currencies, and personal assistants that sit on our countertops. But we still are figuring out how to ensure safety and support as we navigate our daily lives. 

And that’s why our mission at LogicMark is to protect the personal experience of living life to the fullest. And everything we do, make, think and say is in service of this mission. We go against modern society’s perceptions of aging as frailty, of navigating the world as dangerous, and of moving solo as being alone. 

In particular, we see aging as a time to be enjoyed and relished. We remove worry and complication wherever and however possible. We accept life will look different for each person, and we provide ways to adapt to each individual journey. 

And these are the reasons we design and build technology that’s accessible in many ways, with a range of products that empowers individuals, enables their loved ones, and interconnects communities. 

Whether it’s applying new technologies to personal emergency response systems, offering medical alert systems for seniors with no monthly fees, personal safety tips or even helping people set up a medical alert that calls family first. 

LogicMark wants to go beyond protecting people. We want to protect the experience of life itself, making every moment easier to enjoy, and as independent, self-defined and 

secure as each person desires. 

Because life is a precious journey. And it’s our privilege to travel alongside you and your loved ones to help in the most thoughtful, innovative ways. 

So while we do many things and offer many products and services, the one thing that LogicMark truly offers is the freedom to enjoy the journey. Won’t you join us? 

Click here to learn more about LogicMark’s mission, products and how we might help you and your family.



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