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The CaretakerSentry provides a complete platform for dealers to offer their customers. The standard CaretakerSentry kit comes with a waterproof pendant that is fully supervised and has a 5 year battery.

The CaretakerSentry is also now available with two-way voice built directly into the pendant!

Additional accessories include the emergency wall communicator which protects the home’s most vulnerable locations (also features two-way voice communication with the central station.)

The unit will communicate with the central station via POTS, VoIP and an optional cellular accessory for those customers that don’t have a landline.

Product Description

The CaretakerSentry Base Station can be as simple or full featured as you choose.  Many dealer’s standard offering includes the base station with the waterproof pendant. LogicMark’s two-way voice pendant is an important upgrade for those who want the additional peace of mind of being able to speak with the operator directly through the pendant.

  • Supports the Basic pendant, Two-way voice pendant, Emergency Wall Communicator and Cellular Accessory
  • Loud and Clear two-way voice communication
  • Emergency button on base dials central station for help
  • Caretaker button on base unit calls pre-programmed personal contact when activated – neighbor, family member or caregiver
  • A combination of up to 9  pendants (5 basic and 4 two-way voice) can be programmed to operate one base unit
  • Base unit contacts central station with status updates as needed
  • Model 40911 – with basic pendant
  • Model 41911 – with two-way voice pendant

Additional Information


Professionally Monitored



Pendant Specs

Basic Pendant: L: 1.98″ x W: 1.73″ D: 0.46″

Pendant Specs

Two-Way Voice Pendant: L: 2.88″ x W: 1.63″ D: 0.75″


600ft (183m) line of sight

Base Battery

Rechargeable NiMh

Operating Frequency

1.9 GHz Spread Spectrum

Phone Line Compatibility

Most VoIP Lines, Touch Land-Line

Related Products

  • pendant-front-41915

    Two-Way Voice Pendant

    every call should have two-way voice

    Whether you need to tell the medics exactly where you are or you simply need your daughter to come help you – every call should be a two-way conversation.  Standard medical alert pendants operate under the assumption that you will always be within shouting distance of the base station.

    If you want the peace of mind or independence knowing that your pendant can act as a loud clear speakerphone anywhere in and around your home the Caretaker Sentry’s two-way voice pendant is the right choice for you!

    This two-way voice pendant is an optional accessory for the Caretaker Sentry.
  • EWC2

    Emergency Wall Communicator 2.0

    protect the most vulnerable parts of your home

    Provide yourself additional safety where and when you need it with the Emergency Wall Communicator 2.0.  The EWC is an additional two-way voice communicator that can be permanently mounted in high-risk areas throughout the home for complete coverage. 

    Compatible with the Caretaker Sentry, the EWC allows the user to call for help, especially when the pendant is not being worn. 

    Nearly 80% of falls occur in the bathroom or bedroom and the EWC is a great safety device to include in those areas in case of an emergency.  The EWC is an effective and affordable solution to ensure a safe living environment.

    Now with an easier to open battery compartment!
    For the Caretaker Sentry ONLY. Protection for the most vulnerable parts of the home when your pendant is out of reach.
  • Cell-Acc-three-qtr-view

    Cellular Accessory

    No landline? No VOIP? No problem!

    The Cellular Accessory provides reliable, emergency communication to the central station for customers without access to conventional telephone systems.  The cellular accessory works with the Caretaker Sentry system and can be connected to the base station on day one or at any time down the road when the landline goes away.

    Installation is truly plug and play – which means the transition to cellular couldn’t be easier!

    Landline going away? No problem - just plug this into the Caretaker Sentry and you're all set.
  • Freedom Alert - Lockbox

    Lock Box

    Protect yourself and your property during an emergency.  By placing the lock box on your door, emergency personnel can enter the home safely, without damaging personal property.  Simply place a key in the box and communicate the combination accordingly for an effective response from emergency personnel.  Many cities and states prohibit emergency personnel from knocking down doors to assist those in need.  With the addition of the lock box, you will never have to worry about them reaching you in time.

    For allowing caregivers or emergency responders safe and convenient access to your home during an emergency.