The CaretakerSentry Base Station can be as simple or full featured as you choose.  Many dealer’s standard offering includes the base station with the 2-way voice pendant. LogicMark’s two-way voice pendant is an important upgrade for those who want the additional peace of mind of being able to speak with the operator directly through the pendant.


  • Supports the Basic pendant, Two-way voice pendant, Emergency Wall Communicator.
  • Loud and Clear two-way voice communication
  • Emergency button on base dials central station for help
  • Caretaker button on base unit calls pre-programmed personal contact when activated – neighbor, family member or caregiver
  • A combination of up to 9  pendants (5 basic and 4 two-way voice) can be programmed to operate one base unit
  • Base unit contacts central station with status updates as needed
  • Model 40911 – with basic pendant
  • Model 41911 – with two-way voice pendant 


  • Product Data


    Professionally Monitored



    Pendant Specs

    Basic Pendant: L: 1.98″ x W: 1.73″ D: 0.46″

    Pendant Specs

    Two-Way Voice Pendant: L: 2.88″ x W: 1.63″ D: 0.75″


    600ft (183m) line of sight

    Base Battery

    Rechargeable NiMh

    Operating Frequency

    1.9 GHz Spread Spectrum

    Phone Line Compatibility

    Most VoIP Lines, Touch Land-Line

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  • Product Description



    The CaretakerSentry provides a complete platform for dealers to offer their customers. The standard CaretakerSentry kit comes with a waterproof pendant that is fully supervised and has a battery with up to 5 years life. 


    The CaretakerSentry is also now available with two-way voice built directly into the pendant!


    Additional accessories include the emergency wall communicator, which protects the home’s most vulnerable locations (also features two-way voice communication with the central station.), and the new and improved alert watch. 


    The unit will communicate with the central station via POTS or VoIP. 

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