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What are Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) and Who Benefits from Using Them?

Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) aren't just for the aging population anymore. While it's true that PERS devices were initially intended for the elderly to help them call for help in the event that they take a fall and get hurt, these devices are practically applied to many other situations and for many different types of people.

A Personal Emergency Response System is similar to the alert in a home security system in the sense that it can call for outside help in an emergency. Regardless of how old you are or what your health looks like, you can definitely benefit from having a PERS device handy. In the event of an injury, natural disaster, fire, burglary, or another emergency, a PERS device can notify an emergency dispatcher to send help immediately. Some PERS devices can also call friends, neighbors, and family instead. They also tend to be a little easier to use than a cell phone in an emergency since they are engineered with a simple one-button design and are more likely to be available during to you during an emergency.

PERS are great for many situations.

- Fires: Even if you're immobile, you can use a PERS device to call for the help that will get you to safety by using a PERS device

- Home Invasions: You can call for help quietly during a home invasion or burglary by using a PERS device to send help.

- Bathrooms: Many accidents happen in the bathroom. Specifically, in the shower or tub. Mounting a PERS device in this area can make it easy to call for help if you sustain an injury in this area.

- Kitchens: Kitchens, like bathrooms, are notorious for accidents. Having one handy can make it easier to call for help in an accident or emergency.

- Staircases: 35% of all falls occur on the stairs. Mounting a PERS device in this area makes it, so you never get stranded should you sustain an injury in this location.

- Natural disasters: If you're without power due to an emergency, you might not be able to utilize your cellphone. Battery-powered PERS devices have longer battery life and can ensure that you can call for help, no matter what weather may come.

- Medical emergencies: PERS devices are awesome because they can allow you to call for help should you sustain an injury or succumb to the symptoms of your medical condition.

- Accidents: Accidents like falls can be deadly for anyone. Having a PERS device handy ensures that even if you do have an accident, you won't be lying there waiting for someone else to come home for hours.

Who should own a PERS device?

- People who live alone: If you live alone, a PERS is crucial. It offers peace of mind and an added layer of security to help you (and those who love you) rest easy.

- Parents with young children: Kids aren't always prepared to help their parents when they have an accident. A PERS device can make it easy for a younger child to call for help in an emergency even if they can't read yet.

- Empty Nesters: Empty Nesters with adult children benefit from PERS devices because it gives their children some added peace of mind. It also makes it so your kids don't have to check up on you as often. At this life stage, accidents tend to happen more often, so it's critical to protect yourself in high-risk areas of the home.

- The chronically ill or injured: PERS devices can help you and your caretakers to manage your medicines and your condition without being in the room with you constantly. PERS devices make it easy to call your caretaker or 911 in an emergency related to your medical condition or injury.

- Seniors: Seniors are at a higher risk for death by injury, making it critical to have a PERS device handy at all times to ensure safety and to call for help should an accident occur.

- Real estate agents: Realtors spend a lot of time alone with strangers. In fact, 6% of realtors succumbed to a violent crime while on the job in 2018. A PERS device can call for help at the press of a button and can be kept in a pocket or around a belt, making it quicker and easier to use in an emergency or violent crime than a cell phone.

- College students and teachers: Lots of violent crime happens on campus, including rapes, robberies, assaults, and vandalism. Having a PERS device handy ensures that you or your loved one can get help before suffering an attack.

- Outdoor enthusiasts: If you spend a lot of time alone outside, a PERS device is an extra safety net. Whether you experience a severe injury on a hike or if you just want to have a lifeline to safety at all times, if you spend time alone outside a PERS device can help.

TLDR; PERS are for everyone.

It doesn't matter who you are, how old you are, or where you live. Everyone can benefit from keeping a PERS device handy. The ability to call for help in an emergency is simple and effective, but in many cases it is life-saving. Whether you're looking for a device for yourself or considering one for a loved one, LogicMark offers a variety of products to suit the needs of people from all walks of life.

Our favorite PERS device: Notifi911+

The Notifi 911+ is LogicMark's mobile emergency response pendant that can be carried by just about anyone. The Notifi911+ makes a great gift for the people you want to keep safe, no matter who they are, how old they are, or what they like to do. 

This panic solution is sleek, lightweight, and water-resistant. It offers direct communication with 911 operators through the two-way pendant.  It works anywhere you have cellular service and its simplistic design makes it possible for anyone to use in an emergency that requires 911, even children who are too young to operate a cell phone. 

Notifi911+ is available for purchase at Walmart.com.