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Save a Life in High-Risk Areas with the Emergency Wall Communicator

The Emergency Wall Communicator is an accessory for our Freedom Alert and Caretaker Sentry personal emergency response systems. Several Emergency Wall Communicators can be programmed to a single base station, which makes it easy to promote safety in all areas of the home. Here's why we recommend mounting an Emergency Wall Communicator in high-risk areas of your loved one or patient's home.

Great for people with limited mobility.

Patients who face mobility issues tend to struggle to press the buttons on traditional pendants and often can't make use of most smart technologies. Instead of fumbling to operate a conventional pendant in an emergency, many people with spinal cord injuries or limited mobility opt to use the Emergency Wall Communicator. The Emergency Wall Communicator is designed with one large, easy-to-use button that can be pressed with ease using a number of other body parts including an elbow, a foot, a forehead, or a forearm in an emergency instead of fumbling with a pendant.

Great for those who don't want to wear a pendant.

The Emergency Wall Communicator is also crucial if your patient or loved one objects to wearing a PERS device for any reason. Mounting an Emergency Wall Communicator in high-risk areas of the home or assisted living center promotes freedom and independence for your patient or loved one. However, it also acts as a safety net since it will always stand by waiting to be pressed in places where accidents are likely to occur.

Great for peace of mind and security

Worrying about your loved one while they're home alone is a thing of the past with the Emergency Wall Communicator. Even if your loved one or patient is caught without their pendant, they'll still be able to call for help after an accident or fall. Using an Emergency Wall Communicator can give you some peace of mind, but it also gives your patient or loved one more freedom and independence. You can't always be there, but the Emergency Wall Communicator always can be.

Key Features of the Emergency Wall Communicator

  • 2-way communication through the Emergency Wall Communicator

  • Water resistant

  • Up to 4 Emergency Wall Communicators can be programmed to one base.

  • Can be permanently mounted in high-risk areas throughout the home for complete coverage.

  • Emergency Wall Communicator's work just like traditional pendants, just easier to use for patients with limited mobility.

  • Provides more independence and freedom to both the patient and the caretaker

  • The system can be programmed to call the coordinator, the RN, the hospice caretaker, friends, family, neighbors, or 911.

Just place an Emergency Wall Communicator in relevant areas of the home or assisted living facility, such as

  • in the shower

  • near the toilet

  • in the kitchen

  • at the foot of the staircase

  • by the bed

  • near their favorite chair

  • or anywhere an accident could occur


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