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Keep Seniors Safe at Home With These 6 Practical Products

Given the option, 90% of American adults over the age of 65 would choose to stay in their own homes as they age instead of moving to a senior care facility. The act of staying at home as you get older is referred to as "aging in place." To make this dream a reality for the majority of Baby Boomers and aging Americans, there has been an innovative shift in home-based and mobile technologies that assist with health and safety for the elderly population.

Here's a list of six simple-to-use products that can help American adults age at home comfortably for longer than ever before. Each one combats age-specific challenges that keep up with your loved one's active lifestyle.

1. Automatic Medication Dispenser and Reminder

Medication is critical to your loved one's health and wellness, though age often comes with forgetfulness. An automatic pill dispenser can store and dispense medications as well as remind your loved one to take them by sounding an alarm. Smart pill dispensers like Hero also integrate and communicate with caretakers by letting them know if the medication has been taken or not. Best of all, it won't dispense more pills if the dose was already taken and your loved one simply forgot.

2. Mobile Personal Emergency Response System

A Personal Emergency Response System (also known as a PERS device) fits into your loved one's current every-day lifestyle and gives them freedom and independence. It also gives you some peace of mind knowing that they are protected 24/7. PERS devices (also known as medical alert devices and panic buttons) come in many shapes and sizes and offer a ton of different features to manage a variety of individual needs. There are monitored and non-monitored solutions as well as mobile devices that can go wherever mom goes.

LogicMark's mobile solution, the Notifi911+, can call 911 in an emergency from anywhere you can pick up a cell signal. Unlike many other PERS devices on the market, it doesn't require a monthly subscription or consequential fee.

3. Walk-In Tubs and Showers

80% of senior falls and accidental injuries take place in the bathroom, though they primarily occur when getting in and out of the bathtub. Getting in and out of the tub is one of the things that seniors must rely on others to help them with, which limits their independence. Walk in tubs can delay the need to help your loved one in the bathroom. A walk in tub can reduce the risk of falling by alleviating the need to step over a tall barrier to get into the tub. Most of the time, they include built-in seats, handheld showers, grab bars, and slip-free surfaces to ensure safety. They're also great for caregivers who assist with bathing.

4. "Smart" Home Devices

There are a ton of excellent smart devices that can make your loved one's home safer. Ring can record everything that happens at the front door to help prevent scams or robberies. Nest is another great option that can be mounted in the home. It can control things like humidity and temperature while also acting as a wireless camera that can prevent theft and any possible physical or emotional abuse that could occur. Tools like Amazon's Alexa or Google Home can also help your loved one stay in the loop. You can also utilize Smart lighting to turn on the lights whenever it senses motion to help prevent accidental falls.

5. Automatic Stove Shut-Off

Even without the cognitive decline involved with aging, many of us have left the oven or stove on for too long at some point. If you're worried about a loved one who still actively cooks, an automatic stove shut off can be a lifesaving tool. They come from basic timed shut-offs to smart shutoffs that can actually detect when someone isn't standing in front of the stove and shut it off accordingly. It saves money on electricity and can also help to prevent an accident or fire.

6. Bidet Toilet Seat

Bidets are becoming more and more popular in the United States among the elderly for several reasons. For one thing, you save money on toilet paper, but bidets are also great for seniors who suffer from incontinence, arthritis, and mobility problems. Bidet toilet seats make it possible for older adults to keep their dignity, independence, and privacy in the bathroom. Many aging men and women feel their dignity is taken away from them when they're in the care of someone else, and this can be a very liberating device. From a safety standpoint, a bidet toilet seat also removes the risk of twisting the body and getting hurt or facing discomfort while on the toilet.

Overall, technology continues to change. Every year, newer, more innovative products become available to assist seniors aging in place while still allowing them their freedom and independence.


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