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How to Install Your New CaretakerSentry System

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

If you just purchased a CaretakerSentry System, you may be wondering how to get it up and running. In any case, we hope this step-by-step installation guide will make it easy so you can get the most out of your new system. If at any point you need help, please contact us at 1 (800) 519-2419 so we can point you in the right direction.

Caretaker Sentry and DECT Pendant
Caretaker Sentry and DECT Pendant

1. Make sure you've got everything you need.

Your new CaretakerSentry system includes the CaretakerSentry base and pendant, pendant lanyard and belt clip, four base batteries, two lithium-ion batteries for the pendant, AC power adapter, and phone cord. If you purchased other accessories like the lockbox, additional pendents or emergency wall communicators, you will also find them with your kit. If you don't, please contact your dealer as some items may have shipped separately.

2. Install the batteries into the pendant and base.

The battery may already be installed. The battery door can be opened by sliding the latch at the bottom of the pendant all the way to the right.

CaretakerSentry Pendant
Figure 2

- Pull open the hinged door and place the battery with the silver bottom facing up, as shown in figure 2. Install the battery and ensure it's in correctly. Next, close the door and slide the latch back to the left. The pendant will make an announcement that the "battery is okay", if installed properly.

- If this is the first two-way voice pendant you’re adding to your CaretakerSentry, you’ll need to add your replacement battery to the base station’s charging port. To add the replacement battery, slide open the battery door and place the battery in with the silver bottom facing left, as shown in figure 3.

CaretakerSentry Battery Install
Figure 3

With everything in place, your device will communicate its status via colored light. Red light indicates the battery is charging. A green light indicates that the battery is fully charged. No light indicates that the battery is either defective or not installed.

3. Plug in the power cord

plug the AC adapter cord into the back of the Caretaker Sentry base. Use Figure 4 below if you have trouble finding it. Then plug the other end into any standard outlet.

4. Plug in the phone line

Use figure 4 below to help you find the phone jacks. From there, install one end of the cord to the base, and the other end to a landline phone jack.

5. Pair the pendant to the base.

Teaching additional pendants to the base doesn't erase any previously learned pendants. You can start here (Step 5) to pair new pendants to the base.

Back of CaretakerSentry System
Figure 4

- On the Base Unit PUSH and RELEASE the RED Code Learn button on back of base unit. You will hear a voice prompt, “Pendant Learning.”

- On the Pendant, simultaneously PUSH and HOLD the BLUE Emergency button and the GRAY TEST Button until you hear, “Pendant Learning” from the pendant, then release the buttons on the pendant.

How to pair a pendant to the caretaker sentry system
Figure 5

If you hear, “Base and Pendant out of Range,”STOP - wait 30 seconds and begin step again.

- When pendant learning has been successful, you will hear, “Pendant Code Learned,” and then it will announce the call setting that the base is set to Programming Mode or Emergency Call Mode.

The base will automatically exit the pendant learning mode after successfully learning the pendant or after the base announces “Pendant Learning Failed”. Up to 4 two-way pendants can be taught to each base.

6. Test it out.

Perform a System Test by pushing the GRAY test button on the back of the pendant for 4 seconds. LogicMark recommends that you perform this system test once a week to ensure the device is functioning properly.

Listen for a voice prompt from the base. It should say "All Systems are OK", which indicates the system is correctly installed. If it gives any other prompt, wait and listen for the base to describe the problem. For troubleshooting, please contact LogicMark at 1 (800) 519-2419.

Additional Steps

There are a few optional steps you can take in different situations. If you lose a pendant, or buy a used CaretakerSentry system, you will need to need to delete any learned pendants. You can also take these additional steps to get your central station programmed to your base.

How to pair CaretakerSentry to the Central Station of your choice

For detailed instructions on how to program the CaretakerSentry personal emergency response system, click here.

Delete all previously learned pendants and Emergency Wall Communicators

If you purchased a used CaretakerSentry, you might be missing a previously paired pendant or pairing new pendants altogether.

- To erase all pendants, hold down the (Red) Learn button for 8 seconds. You will hear the confirmation of “Erasing All Pendants, All Pendants Erased” from the base unit. Now you can reteach pendants starting at Step 5 above.

I lost my CaretakerSentry Pendant! What should I do?

If you lose your pendant, just follow the steps in Step 8 to erase all of the learned pendants, and start at Step 5 to pair a new pendant or re-pair the lost one when you find it!


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