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5 Practical Father's Day Gifts to Help Keep Your Elderly Father Safe in 2019

Father's Day falls on June 16th in 2019, which means it's right around the corner! If you're on the hunt for a few exciting (yet practical) gifts for dad or grandpa this year, look no further than this list of gifts. These gifts are both easy to use and can help dad or grandpa keep his freedom and independence at home all year long.

1. A Comfy Pair of Non-Slip House Slippers or Shoes

Research has shown that people are more likely to fall at home when they walk around with socks or slippers (or barefoot) instead of rubber-soled shoes. Unintentional injuries are the seventh leading cause of death among elderly adults, and falls account for the most significant percentage of these injuries.

While this one is a very practical gift, it's also very well-received by dads and grandpas. Everyone loves a good pair of comfy slippers! By getting him a pair of slippers or shoes with a non-skid sole, you can help prevent accidents at home.

2. A FitBit or Other Health Monitoring Watch

As your father or grandfather ages, his health becomes more and more critical to monitor. People on average lose about 30 percent of their muscle power between ages 50 and 70. Tai Chi, yoga, swimming, and walking are all great, low-stress options that will help your dad improve his balance and help lower his risk of falling by 10% to 20%. If he exercises more than 3 hours per week, he'll be 39% less likely to fall!

A great way to encourage him to get moving is by giving him a Fit Bit, Apple Watch, or other smartwatch. As long as it's capable of counting his steps, measuring his heart rate, and monitoring his health, it'll be perfect.

3. A Medical Alert System or PERS Device

A Personal Emergency Response System (also known as a PERS device) fits into your dad's current every-day lifestyle and gives him freedom and independence. It also gives you some peace of mind knowing that he is protected 24/7. PERS devices (also known as medical alert devices and panic buttons) come in many shapes and sizes. They also offer a ton of different features to manage a variety of individual needs. There are monitored and non-monitored solutions as well as mobile devices that can go wherever Dad goes.

LogicMark's mobile emergency alert solution, the Notifi911+, can call 911 in an emergency from anywhere you can pick up a cell signal. Unlike many other PERS devices on the market, it doesn't require a monthly subscription or consequential fee. You just cover the affordable equipment cost!

4. A Grandbox Subscription

Grandbox is a new subscription box service that is curated for seniors. Each month Grandbox develops a box based on a new theme that contains things like full-sized snacks, games, puzzles, soaps, and even personalized notes and family photos. Each box includes 5 full-sized theme items as well as a customized letter and photo of your family.

Grandbox starts at $33/month, but there is a significant discount if you prepay instead of paying month to month.

5. Small Accessories and Helpful Gadgets

You don't always need a big expensive gift to make an impression. Sometimes all dad needs is a handful of small accessories that can help make his life more comfortable. Take some time to consider the things your dad or grandpa may have difficulty with and pick a few things to help him overcome those challenges. Perhaps he enjoys reading, but his eyes make it difficult to read. A pocket magnifier or a small reading lamp would be perfect! As another example, perhaps he loves music and can't hear it as well as he used to. A set of noise-canceling headphones might be ideal.

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