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5 Practical Mother's Day Gifts to Help Keep Your Elderly Mother Safe in 2019

Mother's Day is approaching fast! If you're in need of some practical gift ideas for mom or grandma, look no further than this list of easy-to-use technologies that will help to keep her safe at home all year long.

1. Ring Video Doorbell

If your mom spends a lot of time home alone, a Ring Video Doorbell is a great option to help keep her safe. Ring is a doorbell with a video camera on it that automatically sends notifications when it detects motion by the front door or on the porch. It is capable of two-way voice and live streaming video feed, so you can talk to people at the front door even if you're not home. You can use Ring to track who comes and goes to your mom's house as well as the area surrounding her home.

2. Automatic Pill Dispenser

Medication management is critical for mom's health and happiness. But in many cases, age comes with forgetfulness. This Mother's Day you can simplify her life with the MedSmart Automatic Pill Dispenser. As the name implies, the device dispenses medication. However, it offers a plethora of other features that help to keep mom safe. For one thing, it'll remind her to take her medicines by sounding a loud alarm. It automatically alerts caregivers via email, phone or text if the pills haven't been retrieved from the device. It also prevents mom from taking more pills in the case she forgets she already had them that day. It does require a landline to work, but it doesn't have any monthly fees! It also comes with lifetime monitoring with pill refill reminders. If the MedSmart price is a little steep, Hero is another great option!

3. Personal Emergency Response System

A Personal Emergency Response System (also known as a PERS device) fits into your mom's current every-day lifestyle and gives her freedom and independence. It also gives you some peace of mind knowing that she is protected 24/7. PERS devices(also known as medical alert devices and panic buttons) come in many shapes and sizes and offer a ton of different features to manage a variety of individual needs. There are monitored and non-monitored solutions as well as mobile devices that can go wherever mom goes.

LogicMark's mobile solution, the Notifi911+, can call 911 in an emergency from anywhere you can pick up a cell signal. Unlike many other PERS devices on the market, it doesn't require a monthly subscription or consequential fee.

4. Bidet Toilet Seat

Bidets are becoming more and more popular in the United States among the elderly for several reasons. For one thing, you save money on toilet paper, but bidets are also great for seniors who suffer from incontinence, arthritis, and mobility problems. Bidet toilet seats make it possible for mom to keep her dignity, independence, and privacy in the bathroom. Many aging women feel their dignity is taken away from them when they're in the care of someone else, and this can be a very liberating device. From a safety standpoint, a bidet toilet seat also removes the risk of twisting the body and getting hurt or facing discomfort while on the toilet. Our favorite Bidet toilet seat is the Swash by Brondell.

5. LastPass

LastPass is an excellent service that is totally free for one user. It's a web browser extension that keeps all of mom's internet passwords safe and secure in one place. That's great news if she's always forgetting her passwords and getting locked out of her accounts! The accounts you add into LastPass are essentially put into a vault that is protected by one master password. When mom needs a password for something like Netflix, she can sign into LastPass using the master password, and it'll remember the Netflix password for her.

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