Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) Solutions

What are PERS devices?

Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS), also known as Medical Emergency Response Systems, let you call for help in an emergency by pushing a button.


PERS devices are normally small and lightweight and can come in handy for just about everyone. Panic options are great for solo adventurists while monitored and non-monitored home devices are equally great for hospice patients, families aging in place, and even veterans.

Which people benefit from PERS devices?

  • Veterans 

  • Hospice centers  

  • Families 

  • College Students and Teachers

  • Joggers, Hikers, Bikers and Climbers

  • Fishermen and Hunters

  • Real Estate Agents and Bank Tellers​

  • Senior Citizens

  • Singles Living Alone

  • Hospitality Employees

Compare Solutions

Anyone can benefit from a PERS device, but some devices are better suited to your needs than others. 

Compare categories here to help you pick the perfect product to suit your needs.



Monitored Devices:

Life Sentry

Caretaker Sentry

Monitored PERS Solutions

Emergency calls placed with these products are answered by a monitoring center that has all the important information about your medical needs and how to best get your help. Depending on the situation, the operators can dispatch 911 to your location and/or notify your friends, family or caregivers.



  • Water-resistant 2-way voice pendant 

  • loud, clear speakerphone

  • Fully supervised  

  • Caretaker button and SOS call capable 

  • Battery backup


Great for: 

  • Hospice centers 

  • Elderly individuals 

  • Senior Care centers

  • Families aging in place 

  • and more! 



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