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Secure New Profits

Secure New Profits

Caretaker Sentry

The home monitoring and PERS market can offer revenue potential

by Arthur A. Von Ahnen

Medical alert systems and personal emergency response systems (PERS) are becoming an important part of aging-in-place. While home care companies and HME providers are able to furnish most of the products and services that a senior needs to remain at home—from specialized home medical equipment to services to help maintain homes, prepare meals, shop, clean house, administer medicines and keep track of health—there is one critical difference between home care and nursing home or hospital care. When a patient is admitted into a hospital or nursing home, calling for help is only a button away. In the home, where constant care is not always present, a medical alert system or PERS can serve the same purpose. Many times, family members are acting as caregivers while still working and taking care of their own homes and lives.

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